Nuova Dash Cam da 4 pollici + retrocamera HD 1080P Night Vision 4G anteriore e posteriore a tre obiettivi


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Nuova Dash Cam  da 4 pollici + retrocamera  HD 1080P Night Vision 4G anteriore e posteriore a tre obiettivi

Detailed Functions

Double-lens Camera Front-Car Rear Record

Choose a larger field of view than 140°, easily cover three lanes at a short distance, and retain full left and right screen information for you

Motion Monitoring Video

Motion detection video function, capture motion picture, fast warning, parking safety, intelligent grasp in hand


HD Six Glass

Image sensor, equipped with 4 full HD spherical glass ball sets and infrared filters, soft colors, high-definition screen, natural details, every detail is portrayed, automatically enhance the brightness at night, imaging is delicate and clear, day and night recording effects are fully upgraded

Adjustable Camera

Hidden body with front lens, interior lens can be adjusted to create a gold effect of 98% models


HD Six Glasses

Highly-configured moment processor is used to quickly record and process images to ensure that the driving recorder operates normally at high speed every moment

Emergency Recording Lock Video Without Coverage

Built-in gravity sensor ensures that the collision video alone is not covered when an emergency brake or collision is sensed, ensuring that it is your strongest evidence


Loop Recording

Fully automatic cycle video, automatically cover from the first segment after the memory card is full, ensuring that the video is not afraid to worry about the last

WDR wide dynamic + HDR High Dynamic Anti-Shake

In the image synthesis process WDR+HDR boasts
Hardware algorithm performance to create faster, more quasi-clear image

Dark Night

High-performance chip and magnesium high-performance CMOS sensor fusion, intelligent software adjustment, local full exposure technology, video resolution up to 1080P, 30-frame high-definition picture is more smooth, video is more clear

More HD

In the image synthesis process WDR+HDR boasts
Hardware algorithm performance to create faster, more quasi-clear images


Funzioni CPU / RAM

Bulit-Memory: ROM-32GB, RAM-512MB-DDR3

Display: supportato

Risoluzione LED: Nessuna

MIC: MIC incorporato

Formato video: AVI

Formato immagine: JPG

Formato di compressione: H.264

DDR: Buily-in 64M

FLASH: 8M SPI norflash

Schermo: schermo IPS da 4.0 pollici

Risoluzione LCD: 800x480 pixel


Chat video:

Chip sensore: 0330/323 200 milioni di piexls

Angolo della telecamera: 170 gradi grandangolare

Formato video: AVI / MOV / H.264

Formato immagine: JPEG

Telecamera retrovisore: opzionale
Touch screen: NO

WIFI: supporto operativo via telefono tramite segnale wifi

Navigazione GPS: NO

Tracciamento GPS: NO

Battary type: without

Supporto per Software

Supporto linguistico: supporto muti-language

G-SENSOR: supportato

Rilevazione del movimento: supportato

Record loop: supporto, senza perdere secondi

Registrazione audio: supportato

Visione notturna: supportato

Qualità video della videocamera anteriore: massimo supporto1920 * 1080 / HD1280x720 (720p 30f / s)

Risoluzione della fotocamera: supporto massimo 5M

Dimensioni della confezione regalo {cm}: 16,6 * 9,6 * 6,9